Compostable Meat Trays

We are proud to present a reliable alternative for the polluting Styrofoam. Our compostable/biodegradable meat trays are getting momentum in the protein packaging industry; more and more meat packers are moving towards an ecologically sustainable way to supply customers with the products they need. Dulce Vida Ltd. is ready to provide the industry with the right product that complies with the new Government of Canada regulations while respecting and protecting the natural environment.
The meat packaging industry is facing an interesting challenge under the new Government of Canada ban on single-use plastics including Styrofoam. Besides, with emerging alternatives to replace Styrofoam, meat packers ought to select the best option available in the market to comply with hygienic and physicochemical properties of the packaging system they are intending to use to replace the Styrofoam. Challenges such as resistance to humidity, permeability, product aesthetics, resistance to transportation and storage conditions. Probably one of the most challenging characteristics of the packaging system used is that liquids are intended to remain controlled in the package itself, avoiding contamination to other goods and maintaining a clean environment.
Dulce Vida Ltd. meat trays are here to provide a needed alternative to protein packers. Our meat trays are designed to:
  •  Repel water and oil. 
  • Withstand the estimated weight for which the product is designed; this means, the tray doesn’t break or collapse if the user holds it from an end.
  • The natural fiber meat trays will retain less than 10% of moisture (plus or minus some) after refrigeration. No significant changes in mechanical properties have been registered under these conditions.
  • The meat trays will withstand transportation from the factory to the end user. The meat trays are stackable.
  • Dulce Vida Ltd. meat trays can be stored for long periods. They are moisture resistant and are not expected to change while in storage.
  • The meat trays will hold water at room temperature for up to 6 days. This product is designed for low temperatures in which performance is even better.
  • Our meat trays are formulated to be PFAS-Free; Dulce Vida Ltd. has been granted the “Letter of No Objection” from the Government of Canada. This letter means that the Canadian government has found no harmful chemicals capable to impact humans or the environment.
  • Dulce Vida Ltd. meat trays are also compliant with The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), we are in the process to attain the BPI certification.
  • Dulce Vida meat trays are made with 100% biodegradable/compostable natural fiber. The meat trays will disappear in a composting facility in less than 60 days leaving no “for ever chemical behind.
 Please feel free to contact us and request additional information or samples for you to try and verify our product capabilities.



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