About Us

We're Based in Calgary!

Dulce Vida Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces 100% compostable food packaging that meets the highest requirements and follows government regulations with the goal of reducing waste into the landfills; focusing on low environment impact and supporting reduction of the single-use plastics.

100% Natural Fiber *PFAS Free
(*Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are highly persistent and toxic chemicals whose use has resulted in widespread drinking water contamination. Exposure has been associated with liver damage, harm to the immune system, developmental toxicity and cancer.

Our Meat Trays and Take-Out food containers are a natural and compostable replacement to the traditional Styrofoam and single-use plastics food packaging methods.

We are a Canadian Manufacturer of Thermoformed 100% Compostable Food Packaging Products.

Our products use certified renewable natural fibres contributing to single-use plastics reduction. We have received the Letter of no Objection from the Government of Canada certifying that our products are safe for humans and the environment. Since we are PFAS-Free once our products are composted there will be no "forever chemicals" left behind 

Made in Canada 

Thank you for supporting Alberta Business!
Dulce Vida Ltd team